Posted by: senthil4u | February 20, 2010

Simbhu’s opinion on Ajith’s speech

Now that the whole world is talking about Ajith’s fiery speech at CM Felicitation ceremony, every single celebrity encountered by any journo is being asked for opinion on the topic. Silambarasan found himself in one such situation and was vociferous in providing one. He said, “Ajith usually doesn’t attend events even if it’s related to him, but I guess he’s coerced to attend this one.” He also added, “I salute Ajith’s courage and I’m forever his fan.”

On why he didn’t attend the same, Silambarasan mentioned that he met the CM the previous day at the Maanada Mayilada event. He explained, “Besides, Nayanthara performed at the event and all cameras will be panning me while she dances on stage. I wanted to avoid that too.” He furthered, “Nayan and I have moved on but the media hasn’t yet,” he added as an end note.

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