Posted by: senthil4u | November 28, 2008

Nonstop Gun-Battle in Mumbai

More than 33 hours, the battle between terroists and commandos,NSG,Police is still going on in Mumbai. The Number of people died is increased to 125,it includes 14 policemen, 6 Foreigners and 327 injured. Terrorits have caught some people as hostages in Taj,Trident and in Nariman house. Till now 8 terrorists were shot down.  Commandos killed at least three gunmen at the Taj Intercontinental Hotel yesterday.

At last three terrorists were killed at the Taj and one is still holding out, new agencies reported. “There is one terrorist in the Taj (hotel). He has been injured and I think we will be able to mop up the operation there very quickly,” said J K Dutt, Director General of the elite National Security Guards commandos.

The Mumbai Coast Guard has found a fishing vessel which might have links with the terror strikes. It has some connection with the Porbunder district.The coast guard commandos are investigating the matter.

Some photos of this attack follows

Taj on Wednesday

Taj on Thursday

cafe leoplold

Face of Terrorist



Voice of Terrorist

“We want to negotiate with the government. Only then will we let go the hostages,” Babar, who has apparently worked as a medical representative in an MNC, said. The attacks, he said were to avenge the “torture and injustice” faced by Muslims in India

Lets hope, soon our mumbai to become peace………………….


  1. It is the most sin full act which has been done by the terrorists. Its a shame to humanity. So many have lost there relatives and there dear ones . what did these terrorists got by doing these sort of illegal act. Govt. should take innitiative to restrict these sort of illegal acts . it is not only the duty of the govt. but also the duty of every citizen to see that this sort of illegal activities are eliminated from its route. I have a friend of mine at Mumbai who is the GM of ltd. I dont know how he is? we have certain issues between us that is why i am not able to contact him. But i am realy worried about his well being. Its my apeal to god to keep him safe.


    Jayanta Adhikari
    The Statesman.

  2. God, please bring peace to India and may this be the last inhuman killings that we the common people have encounterd.May the victims who were killed rest in peace and bring hope for coming generations and put some intelligence in our brainless politicians.We all want to live peacefully and lead normal lives with no fear for death.God I don’t know when your heart will be moved and shaken to see our miseries.Regarding politicians,I don’t really expect much from them

  3. As my brother was also Shaheed in Kargil War, I would request tis politicians that please let India be free from your foolish politics. I would also love to share about the foolishness of RAJ THACKEREY now where is he and where is his Mumbai. The main reason for this attacks is Raj himself as his negative mind was making the division of our country. Raj get well soon

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